Website Design and Development

Pixel Craft Creative is a website design and development company with 15 years of experience creating WordPress websites for businesses and organizations.

A website is vital in today’s digital economy to stay competitive in the marketplace. Your website should not only look aesthetically pleasing but function in a way that is useful to your customers. Websites are important for allowing customers to purchase goods and services online with e-commerce functionality or in providing important about your business in a clear and straightforward way.

Pixel Craft Creative are WordPress experts! We build all of our clients’ websites using WordPress and help them with keeping their websites safe and secure, up-to-date, using a high-quality hosting service. Whether you are looking to do a website re-design, build a brand new website, or need help with ongoing updates—Pixel Craft Creative can help!

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Branding and Logo Design

Most companies understand that brand equity and recognition are of high value. Stop and think about the brands you love; whether retail stores, coffee shops, cars, or your favorite entertainment venues–all have one thing in common; a great logo!

Logos represent a company’s brand and its culture. According to Oxford Languages, the definition of brand equity is the commercial value that derives from consumer perception of the brand name of a particular product or service rather than from the product or service itself. In simple terms, a good company logo and brand are crucial for success!

Are you a start-up company or an existing business that needs a fresh and new look or an updated logo? Pixel Craft Creative can help craft your logo or with branding.

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Graphic Design

Traditional and digital advertising is vital to the success of marketing your business. Graphic design plays a major in the effectiveness of a good advertising campaign. Eye-catching visuals are a must to capture the attention of potential customers in a marketplace to convey your messaging quickly. Pixel Craft Creative offers graphic design services to meet your advertising needs.

Pixel Craft Creative can design social media graphics, logos, billboards, brochures, business, and anything else that captures the imagination. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next advertising campaign.

Digital Marketing

The internet, mobile phones, and social media have changed our modern life forever. This technology has changed the way we consume information, shop, and interact with one another. If you rely on traditional marketing methods, you’re missing out on opportunities to reach thousands of potential customers for your goods or services.

Pixel Craft Creative helps businesses and organizations with Digital Marketing. After understanding the business goals, we will craft a plan to help you meet your objectives. We do this through research and strategy with analytics and reporting methods. Your success is our mission!

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Pixel Craft Creative is a digital studio located in Bristol, TN.  We specialize in helping businesses and organizations with creative strategy and digital solutions; web design and development, branding, logo design, graphic design, and digital marketing.



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