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May 09, 2022

Pixel Craft Creative is a company that is small business focused and we desire to partner with you. Our mission is plain and simple, elevate small businesses by providing digital services and marketing to help them achieve success. The modern day website is a key component of doing business in today’s market. Web design and development is a big part of what we do, whether you are looking to create your first website, need a website re-design, an e-commerce solution or just need a landing page for a special company promotion, we can help!

Our Process is Simple

  1. EXPLORE – We first get to know you and your business through an initial meeting. We want to find out more about what makes your business different and special. Also, it is our job to understand what your business goals are and to learn more about your competition.
  2. GATHER – In this phase, we gather information and content needed to begin your web project. We may ask for your logo file, images, any existing brochures, or other marketing related materials. If you don’t have those things, no worries, we can help you with that as well! 
  3. DESIGN – After we have gathered all the necessary information and content, we begin to bring your ideas to life through our design phase. This design work may include putting together color palettes, choosing the right fonts to convey your messaging, or mocking up a new web page. We love to be innovative and bring the creative energy it takes to elevate your website project. 
  4. DEVELOPMENT & TESTING – In the development phase of the project we bring together design and functionality. We start by building out your website and do any necessary coding work that is needed to make your website awesome! Testing is an integral part of this phase as well. We ensure your website is pixel perfect on all platforms and any functionality works correctly. When we say “functionality”, think drop-down menus, or contact forms. 
  5. LAUNCH – Once the website is completed and approved by our client, the final phase of the website project is to launch it live. This is the most exciting phase of the project for business owners and for us as well. It is always thrilling to see all of the hard work that goes into a web project come alive!

We hope you consider partnering with Pixel Craft Creative and we would love to talk with you if you are considering starting a new web project or need help with promoting your business online.

You can reach us directly by either using our contact form or call: ‪(423) 742-6059

Written by: pixelcraft

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